Digital Transformation became the most important global paradigm in Human History. This change brings on big challenges, mainly in the field of IT Professionals. Digital Transformation is based on 4 Key Skills: Quality, Performance, Security and Identity. If any of them fails or shows a weak performance, there`ll be a strong negative impact on deployment viability.

Rapid-changing technologies, architectures getting more complex, and compressed timeframe for technical releases, convert a fail in a major business impact –with associated profit loss–. Therefore, Quality Assurance and Control have become crucial to any company, across all functional processes, and taking part in any phase of the projects.

We have vast experience to design the best strategy for your business specific needs.


Our consulting services help clients to have an objective and expert vision of their present situation, providing tools to make the right decisions and tailor-made strategies to improve the quality of their offering.

You may need Consulting services if your company is going through one or more of the following stages:

Growing quantity of projects
Need for documented processes that accelerate go to market activities.
Reorganization or disorganized company growth
Obsolete or outdated processes
Operational bottlenecks
Evaluation or Implementation of new methodologies.

Our solution in 5 steps

The increasing complexity of applications, fast pace delivery cycles plus a strong demand for higher quality require maximum efficiency Functional Tests, turning them into a must nowadays.

Functional tests are exhaustive and concrete since they verify and validate that the software satisfies specific requirements as well as fits for the purpose it has been developed.

There are an extensive and exhaustive battery of tests designed to cover the (full) scope of your application functionality, and validate your system delivers according to its specific system requirements and client’s expectations. We work with the client from early project’s stage, all along its life cycle.

Functional Tests ensure your application will integrate onto your IT landscape without disrupting your business flow, performance or continuity.

Testing Mobile

Mobile applications are transforming the way companies interact, bringing along new technical challenges that may impact your business.

With an exponential growth on mobile devices, a wide variety of operating systems, and complexity of physical and technical characteristics, it is crucial to test every component operation and integration, in an appropriate mobile testing laboratory before releasing any new APP into the market.

From simple web applications to distributed complex designs using cloud, there are common concerns that need to be addressed before making an application public, confidently avoiding your business from being impacted or even customers loss.

>> We design a tailor-made test strategy, which takes into consideration the high level of interconnection.

>> Our tests cover relevant aspects such as: compatibility, connectivity, usability, security, networks, processors, operating systems, platforms, and hardware integration.

>> We perform critical tasks to detect vulnerabilities in order to ensure IoT devices are safe and reliable in all environments.


We help customers to get an objective and expert view of their current situation, providing analysis, statistics and recommendations in a comprehensible way plus necessary tools to make the right decisions and design strategies to improve the quality of their product.

Load Testing

We evaluate the behavior of a software + hardware system against specific loads, to ensure it can handle expected loads day after day. Measuring break points, response and recovery times.

Stress Testing

We identify bottlenecks and maximum capacity limits in the hardware & software.

Volume Testing

To face the growth of data volume, we evaluate the software for proper storage and processing.

Scalability Testing

We measure the behavior of your hardware against increases in loads levels and recommend modifications to its architecture to improve processing capacity and ensure stability. stability.

Security Testing

We measure the degree of vulnerability of our clients and recommend actions to mitigate them by analyzing:

> Information Security
> Process Security
> Security in Internet technologies
> Communications Security
> Wireless Security
> Physical Security

Usability Testing (User Experience Test)

> We help you see your software like users would.

> We use the best practices and higher standards of the market to accurately determine the actual usability degree of your products.

> We put together UX test laboratories by User segment in order to determine the best product use configuration for your customers.


In addition to the specific guidelines each organization define regarding usability, we take as reference ISO 9241 and ISO 13407 standards.

Application distribution and navigation

> Detection of non-intuitive and non-efficient navigation structure.
> Workflow logic, redundancy and general operability.
> Efficiency of search and response processes operation, with clear results and answers.

Focus Group Selection

UX tests can cover a broad demography involving user groups and specific questionnaires.

UX test tools and software

There is a wide selection of quality testing platforms and tools that help teams collect and analyze quantitative data, such as:

> Google Analytics
> Crazy Egg
> Optimizely

Test Automation

With Agile and DevOps methodologies being widely adopted these days, automation of regression tests becomes an essential pillar to match the quality and velocity required by these practices to deliver stable coding fast.

This is crucial towards the implementation of continuous testing.

We offer Automated Testing Services and Testing Automation Factories with a wide variety of commercial or Open Source tools.


We can automate any components on different platforms: Web, Mobile, Client Server, Mainframe, SAP, API, Web Services, among others..

Robotic Process Automation


Robotic Process Automation is a game-changing technology designed to automate high- volume repeatable tasks that take up significant amount of worker’s time.


RPA allows the creation and implementation of resilient bots that are resistant to applications, data, and process changes.

Bots run continuously and nonstop. When changes are significant enough to require bot maintenance, the updates are simple and fast to perform.

RPA helps build lean and agile teams. Enables the achievement of unique operational efficiency and customer’s satisfaction. Let’s drive your digital strategy together. 

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