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When to implement Load and Stress tests in Applications and Portals

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In order for an Application or Portal to work correctly and respond within a reasonable time, 2 very disparate pieces are required to be correctly adapted. These pieces are The Application (Software) and Infrastructure (Hardware) that are also managed by people with very different Skills.

On the other hand, in most cases you need to know what is the maximum level of load that supports the combination of these 2 pieces and eventually what actions should I take if I need to increase this capacity.

These tests are oriented to determine the following parameters:

  • Performance and behavior of the applications with the expected load levels and overload (Stress).
  • Impact of the load on the infrastructure pieces involved and the maximum load limits that the system support.
  • Response times depending on the load volume.
  • Application Stability
  • Stability of Infrastructure
  • Bottlenecks
  • Scalability Points
  • History of SLA’s to compare values ​​with evolutionary versions of applications.

To optimize the results of this new paradigm that allows to save time and money, it is necessary to include these measurements in the early stages of development and maturity of the Applications, and it is also an invaluable tool for the development team of the same.

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