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The advantages of automated testing

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As productivity increases in software development and the time between the generation of new versions decreases, the uncertainty about the final quality of the product grows. Many times the quality of the stable core of the product decreases and errors detected and reported in production increase.

The automation of functional tests is a great advantage for companies that want to ensure a certain level of quality before each release of products or versions. They provide confidence in the product by adjusting and improving the main functionalities, since they provide information on the impact of the changes made to the product or the environment in which they are located.

The automation of tests has as main points:

  • The advantage of being able to include repetitive and necessary tests within an existing formal testing process (such as intensive regression tests) or adding tests whose manual execution would be difficult or it would consume a lot of resources.
  • Automation is an investment. The cost of the tool is as important as the time it takes to generate the automated test scripts. It is important to select the tool that best suits the product.
  • The result of the service consists of a functional test automation platform and a set of scripts, which can be subsequently executed, maintained and updated.
  • The client receives documentation about the automation plan, the design of the tests and the final report of the project.
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