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Technical Testing

Load and Stress, Performance, Volume and Concurrency, Compatibility Tests.

For an Application or Portal to work correctly and respond in a reasonable amount of time, it is required that 2 very different pieces be adapted in an appropriate way. These pieces are the Application (Software) and the Infrastructure (Hardware) that are also managed by people with very different abilities. On the other hand, in most cases you need to know what is the maximum level of load that supports the combination of these 2 pieces and eventually what actions should I take if I need to increase this capacity.



Load and performance tests give us information about the behavior of the system in different situations of expected and unexpected load. These tests allow us to know how a system will behave once in production. The importance of them is easily understandable if we observe the amount of applications that fall before peak loads or offer unacceptable response times for the end user.


We verify the response times, resources consumed and resources available in the normal operation of the applications.



We perform this type of tests to ensure that the system can handle a large volume of data under normal operating conditions. During this type of tests the growth of the data volume and the necessary hardware to support said growth is evaluated.


We perform these tests to ensure that the software is compatible with different versions of operating systems, web servers, databases and other components that make up the architecture of the application.


Your software supports high concurrency? Do you have good response times?

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