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We help generate jobs.


Arbusta was born in 2013 as an idea to create a model that generates job opportunities in the world of technology for talent not looked at by the market. From the vision of the founders (Njambre) – from entrepreneurship and social impact – we evaluated how to articulate models already proven with more risky initiatives.

There are almost 30 million in Latin America and in Argentina the number reaches one million, of young people who are not studying in a stable way or working formally, at the same time there are no organizations that offer them job opportunities where they can unfold their full potential in the knowledge and technology industry.

Arbusta understands that there is high potential in the popular neighborhoods of Latin America and a large market of opportunities in the technological world but that one of the other are invisible and therefore disconnected.

Arbusta identifies and selects young people between 18 and 28 years of age with no previous experience and from the popular neighborhoods of Argentina and Colombia, which the market does not consider today, gives them a first job opportunity in the technological market and turns them into new talents for the IT industry, an industry that today does not have the human resources it needs.
Today Arbusta achieves a production model of digital services made by people previously invisible to the labor market. These services correspond to the Software Testing area, assembling consolidated practices in the market, with scalability, agile methodologies and measurable efficiency.

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