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We seek to optimize time and resources.


Perfecto Mobile is a tool that allows us to perform tests on mobile devices without the need to physically dispose of them; It provides a battery of compatibility tests in a much wider environment without high cost.

What are its benefits?
Save time and money Time because currently performing tests on mobile devices is excessively heavy, especially for testers.

Let’s give an example, imagine that you have to test an application on 20 devices and the application has X test cases, currently if you want to perform full coverage the tester should perform 20 * X tests.

With Perfecto Mobile the number of tests would be reduced to X tests since it would only be necessary to carry out the tests on a device and through the automation of these tests, the tool will be responsible for carrying them out on all the devices that we want, obtaining a huge battery of compatibility tests.

In addition, once the tests are done, Perfecto Mobile allows you to attach the screen captures and logs of the device at the time of the test, so all of them are registered and evidenced.

This is important because this way the developers get all the data and find it easier to find the solution. This will allow to reduce time in the development team, speeding up the work of the whole team.

Another benefit of Perfecto Mobile is the saving of money: it avoids the purchase of devices to make tests that can be damaged and / or become obsolete in months. Simply selecting the devices that are desired from the list provided by the tool, the application can be tested wherever and whenever you want.

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