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Functional Testing

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The functional tests are specific, concrete and exhaustive tests with the objective of checking and validating that the software complies with the objectives for which it was developed, making sure that it does what it must do and that it does not do what it should not do.



Mobile applications are transforming the way companies interact.
With an exponential development in mobile devices, a wide variety of operating systems, and the particular physical and technical characteristics that exist, it is necessary to have a mobile testing laboratory before launching your new APP to the market.

I want to thank you for the support provided in strategic projects for Fravega, to tell you that our experience was positively positive, I highlight the level of partnership that has allowed us to go through turbulence in some of the shared initiatives and then finally move forward with others in a very successful way such as the Project FENIX where we are renewing the store applications being LIRA the first own product based on productive microservices Working with agile methodologies (SQUAD by Fravega) we have entrusted the quality of the project to QActions.
We´ve found professional quality in their resources, we have ventured into testing with automation thanks to your support, commitment and collaboration as I said before virtues worth noticing.

Pablo Guida
Product Manager – BackOffice –


Through our Testing Factory services, we reduced the time of production start-up of the systems, and we managed to have under control the costs of infrastructure, human resources and testing tools, maximizing the benefits, without incurring the maintenance costs, complexity of planning, execution and availability of human resources.
We have a team of professionals dedicated exclusively to the problem of software testing, who have international certifications that guarantee their knowledge.


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